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Flame Diffuser 250ml,Built-in Himalayan salt

180ml new design of  flame aroma diffuser, Combine light, shadow and fog to create realistic fire effects, humidify indoor air and enjoy aromatherapy life.


Flame Diffuser 250ml,Built-in Himalayan salt

Flame Diffuser, New Creative Design, 250ml, Built-in Himalayan Salt

model: BZ-021

material: PP+ABS

Product Size: 191*81*123mm

product weight: 716g

battery specification: USB connection charging

power inpu: DC-5V-1A

Humidification power: 3.5w(MAX)

Timed humidification: 1-3-6H

Tank capacity: 250ml

Spray efficiency: 20-80ml/H

Product category: Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffuser material introduction

The Salt Stone Flame Aroma Diffuser is different from the classic model, with built-in Himalayan salt, natural crystalline salt can absorb dust particles in the air and effectively improve air quality.

product details of flame diffuser

  1. The simulated flame design is adopted, and the combination of light and shadow and spray makes the appearance of the aromatherapy machine more beautiful.
  2. The shell abandons the original button setting and adopts a touch panel, which has more functions and a more comfortable hand feeling.
  3. Built-in visible water level line makes it safer to use and prevents excessive water from overflowing.
  4. Type-c interface design can realize fast charging of multiple devices and improve the convenience of use.

functions of product

Product highlight: Flame night light with seven-color ambient light. With power-off protection and intelligent timing setting (1-3-6H). Aromatherapy essential oils can be added, aromatherapy and humidification two-in-one.

product analysis of diffuser

The product is easy to operate and has convenient functions:

  1. Open the lid and add water:Just open the cover and adding water can use it. Using with essential oils to enjoy the aromatherapy life. You can see the water level line in the shell. recommended to add water about 5mm below the water level line.
  2. Power button: Press the button to turn on the spray and light for one hour. Press 2 times to turn on for 3 hours. Press 3 times to turn on for 6 hours. Press 4 times to turn off.
  3. Light button: Click it to turn yellow/red/blue/green monochrome, long press 7 colors to change automaticaly.(Function of  night light mode button is the same.)


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