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Wood Grain Diffuser 400ml Hollow Out Design for Room

400ml hollow out wood grain aroma diffuser for room


Wood Grain Diffuser 400ml Hollow Out Design for Room

400ml hollow out wood grain aroma diffuser, with 7 color LED lights to provide you with a romantic atmosphere, with function of waterless auto-off and timing setting to  improved safety and convenience of use.

model: BLA-085

product size: 126*166mm

product weight: 600g

Water tank capacity: 400ml

Material: ABS+PP

Power Specifications: alternating current

wire length: About 150cm Power Adapter

Main body power consumption: about 12w

Timing function: 1-3-6H

Spray method: ultrasonic vibration humidification

Vibration frequency: about 3MHz

Working area: 10-30㎡

product category: Aroma Diffuser

despriction of wood grain aroma diffuser

Light Button:

  1. Turn on the light fot the first time, automatically change color;
  2. Press this switch continuously to manually select the color and brightness of the light;
  3. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off the light.

Mist Button:

  1. Press and hold the spray switch for 1 or 2 seconds, the spray function is on, can set the time of timing.
  2. Each time you press, the secheduled time will be 1-3-6H, continuous spray.
  3. If the spray switch is pressed for more than 1 second, the electronic horn will sound DD and then automatically turn off.

use method of wood grain aroma difffuser

Easy to use:

  1. connect the AC adaptor to the DC jack of the main body.
  2. Add water per 100ml with 2-3 drops essential oil.
  3. Press the MIST  switch, set up the timer.
  4. Press the Light button to switch Lighting effect.

Product applicable occasions

Wood grain aromatherapy machine is suitable for many occasions

At home: Unwind from a busy day with an aromatherapy ambience.

Office: Concentrate and improve work efficiency.

Hotel: Improve air quality and increase guest satisfaction.

Yoga studio: Relieves stress, aids training and meditation.

Massage Room: Enhance efficacy with aromatherapy

Club: keep indoor air fresh.

pack list of wood grain aroma diffuser

Pack list:

hollow out wood grain aroma diffuser* 1, measuring cup * 1, Chinese and English manual * 1, plug * 1


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