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Aromatherapy Cold Mist Humidifier 130ml, USB Charging

130ml USB aromatherapy cold mist humidifier, With touch function and waterless auto-off, easy to use, compact and portable, dark/ light, 2 color to choose.


Aromatherapy Cold Mist Humidifier 130ml, USB Charging

13oml aromatherapy cold mist humidifier with USB plug, which is convenient to use everywhere, design of small size is lightweight and portable, save the room space, and can use on the car.

Model: BLA-01

Water tank capacity: 130ml

Material: ABS+plastic

Applicable area: less than 10㎡

Function: aromatherapy / humidification

Fog outlet: 1

Noise: below 36 dB

Rated voltage: 111V-240V

Rated power: 2W


description of product

Cold mist humidifier can use with USB plug directly. Computer usb socket, power bank or plug, 3 ways to use it.

  1. Light design: For you to take it with you for business or travel, because weight of product 130g is lightable.
  2. Aromatherapy: The humidifier also have aromatherapy function,  while helping you take away the discomfort caused by dry air, it can also allow you to enjoy aromatherapy treatments.
  3. Strong mist: Retain all natural ingredients, 100% release the active ingredients of essential oils, therefore  easier to be absorbed by the body, and the fragrance effect is better.
  4. Noiseless: There is no noise when working, sleeping, working or studying, because of the ultrasonic technology.
  5. Waterless Auto-off: With function of waterless auto-off, which can avoid circuit burning caused by water shortage, and improve the safety of use.

7 color LED lights of cold mist humidifier

The aromatherapy cold mist humidifier with 7 color LED lights, which make home decoration more beautiful, the exterior adopts a classic vase-shaped design, which is versatile in any style of interior decoration.

use method of cold mist humidifier

Easy to use:

  1. Lift up the cover.
  2. Add water and essential oil.
  3. Insert the power cable.
  4. Press button to start use.

2 color of cold mist humidifier

Dark/ Light, Here are 2 color for you to choose. Made of high-grade ABS material, non-toxic, acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant, you can use it during yoga, work and rest, and you can safely let your baby enjoy the aromatherapy life.

The package contains: Humidifier a*1, power cord*1, manual*1, cotton core*1


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